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Ah! Bonjour to you! Je suis Rosalind de Sainte-Coquille, daughter to the prestigious Herman de Sainte-Coquille. I do enjoy meeting new people when I'm not caught up in an invention or getting buried in my reading! So please, pay no mind to how, ah-- "fancy" my name sounds and do come talk to me!
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The Beginning

One large, dark leather rucksack. Contents as follows [discounting the basic necessities]: One journal inscribed with R.D.S.C., seven pens [four black the rest blue], three photographs [picture number two marked with a slight tear], six novels [how could you ever just pick one], two compasses, one brand-new sleeping bag, and last but certainly not least, her ticket. Her way out.

And so began Rosalind de Sainte-Coquille’s life changing trip, or so she hoped. Left on her bed, the large, over the top engagement ring from her “fiance” and one loose leaf paper folded into a small square, the only words reading: "I’m sorry."

Ticket in hand, Rosalind marched up to the tugboat for whom the small stub of a ticket was for. Handing it over was the easy part, the hard part was actually stepping onto the boat, away from her family, her friends… … …Oh who was she kidding? She had wanted this more than anything in the world!

And with that last thought, the heiress was gone without a trace save for the small note.

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